Care for Cops

Lawrenceville, GA 30043
United States

Every day those in law enforcement risk their lives to protect us. The rising numbers of officer deaths in recent years has made us aware of the sacrifices we ask these men and women to make every day. Together we can help families of fallen officers in their time of need.

Care for Cops is a non-profit organization that has provided direct financial assistance to more than twenty-eight families since 2004. We provide direct financial assistance to families that have lost a loved one, helping to:

•Provide resources in times of great need
•Bridge the financial gap when a loved one is lost
•Acknowledge the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers in Georgia.

Support Us
You can help the Care For Cops Organization! We offer a number of ways that you can make a difference:

•Sponsor our Golf Tournament
•In-kind donations of office supplies
•Donate an auction item(s)
•Cash contribution
All monetary contributions to Care For Cops are tax-deductible. To make a cash contribution please visit our website and click on the donate button. If you have an auction item to donate, an in-kind donation, or would like to volunteer, please email Kim Jones at .

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