About Us

VolunteerGwinnett.com is a not-for-profit Volunteer Opportunities website created by volunteers. Our mission is to compile and post online volunteer opportunities in Gwinnett County GA and surrounding areas, primarily for non-profit organizations, church ministries, and local municipalities. We are very local, we live here.

From Tom:

VolunteerGwinnett.com was inspired by a letter printed in the Gwinnett Daily Post in 2010.  It was my letter, but when I wrote it I didn't know it would lead to anything or even be printed. Six little words the editor added just got to me.

Volunteers are currently working in the parks and other county departments, and in non-profits county-wide (thank you!).   Thinking of the county budget, I wrote a letter to the editor at the Gwinnett Daily Post expressing my thoughts about how more volunteers for the County could help government finances. The letter appeared a few days later, and the editor had added the caption "Step Up and Help the County".  Those six words from the Post editor spoke to me and said "don't just talk about it, get involved, do something to help make Gwinnett an even better place". Hmmm...

Post reader Don Hoppe saw the letter and contacted me.  We both run online businesses and think "Internet first".  Our conversation turned to a dedicated online hub where ministries, non-profits, animal rescue groups, food co-ops, local municipalities, and qualified organizations using volunteers or requesting donations can post opportunities and needs FREE, in one central location.  We'll keep it local and make it easy to use. We'll link up with relevant organizations, and link with other websites with opportunities. 

I registered the domain "VolunteerGwinnett.com" in May of 2010; the name just fit. We began accumulating local volunteer opportunities, many printed in the Gwinnett Daily Post and the Patch, and found more via Internet research. Jim Davidson signed on to help as webmaster, Don Internet marketing manager, and VolunteerGwinnett.com was born.  Listings are and always will be free, and of course it is also free to browse and find ways to help.

In August 2011, Gwinnett County announced their "Volunteer Gwinnett" program to place an emphasis on County volunteer opportunities.  With the County opportunities in good hands, our main focus will be on non-profit organizations and local municipal opportunities.  And of course we link over to the new County web pages.  We look forward to complementing the County's efforts.

So...all the listings are here for you! Check them out and contact the organization  directly.  We aren't a Volunteer Match service - we present the opportunities and you decide.  Drop us a line once in a while, especially if you find something you like doing as a volunteer.  And in case you're wondering "what's in it for you?", well...what's in it for us is the same as for you as a volunteer - we get our satisfaction by helping our community in a way that best utilizes our skills and our passions. It costs us a little to sponsor this website, that's OK, not everything in life is about money. After all, we live here too, and we want to help make our community a better place.

We hope you enjoy the website, and we especially hope that you will utilize VolunteerGwinnett.com to find or list volunteer opportunities. A special Thank You to the Gwinnett Daily Post for the six words that helped start it all - "Step Up and Help the County"!

Tom Kincaid
Don Hoppe
Jim Davidson